Have a former Googler on your side to show you how to effectively advertise your business to drive leads and customers.

These strategies are based on experience, from working at Google, and strategies we deploy at our ad agency, Rise Marketing Group.

As of May, 2021 I've taught over 7,000 students worldwide. Join the club and start learning today!

Don't take my word from it, hear from a few of our students:

"“Fantastic course. First time I’ve felt that I am really starting to get my head around Google Ads. Instructor was really easy to listen to! Definitely planning to watch more of his tutorials!”

“An excellent course for anyone trying to start their own business or promote themselves online.”

“This class exceeded my expectations! Spent $$$'s on "professional marketing" agencies to run our google and FB ads where our money has always been wasted but I couldn't challenge because I didn't know. Now I do, and thanks to this course we can bring it all in house and continue to learn.”

Hi, I’m Ben Lund.

I'm a 15+ your advertising veteran (and former Googler), who founded and runs our ad agency, Rise Marketing Group.

I've been creating advertising courses over the past 3 years and have taught over 7,000 students to date. My goal is to cut through the clutter and show you how to effectively advertise your business through my Google and Facebook courses.

More info on my background: LinkedIn